Somehow I feel including Minho perform find it slutty that have a mature s/o

Somehow I feel including Minho perform find it slutty that have a mature s/o

Chan is an overworked and tired bean and as the leader of Stray Kids he is used to being the one in charge, so with you being older than him, he had found a safe haven in you where he could let loose and be a child for once. With all the burdens and responsibilities on his shoulders, you’d help him feel relaxed since whenever you were with him, he didn’t have to be responsible anymore since you gladly took over to take care of him. He’d be really happy about that, though I could see him still wanting to be the one in charge when it came to the bedroom I did not just state it shhhh.

Lee See/Minho:

He strikes me as being somewhat bratty and he could view you being older as a challenge to be in charge. I do feel like Minho would like being in charge usually as well as in the bed room too but on the other side I could also see him turn extremely soft at you being older. He would view you as someone he could lean on and go to for advice, someone who’s more knowledgeable than him. I could also see him thinking highly of you and feeling proud for having pursued someone older than him.


Changbin is someone I feel like who would enjoy a significant other no matter whether they are older or younger than him. But believe me, you being older than him would bring out Baby Changbin so much more often than he already does let him get unleashed. He would just be such a sucker for you babying my personal cellular telephone seriously autocorrect “babying” to “banging” oml him and would do aegyo for you all. the. time. I think he’d really love surprising you with sudden outbursts of aegyo and go like “noonaaaa/hyuuuung

?” or jeevansathi coupon something. Generally speaking, your being elderly manage bring out the baby from inside the Changbin actually more and he would love all second of it since the why don’t we be real, it son loves pretending pretty being good softie.


Are you aware this type of times when Hyunjin serves all the pouty and you can sulky in fact it is simply so incredibly adorable and you can sweet? Which is just how We check your having a mature significant other. Personally i think such as however always get sulky otherwise pouty for many who reminded him to be more than your otherwise create a tale regarding him are younger. He would should make you find your once the a man as an alternative of a son but all of that sulking carry out simply make you discover your actually cuter, which will function as direct reverse impact because the Hyunjin would want. Regardless if however and additionally really enjoy your getting older for several grounds and another getting, your acting pretty to you and achieving you eliminate your in order to food otherwise coffees/milkshakes. Primarily, you might wind up cheerful and you can trembling the head into the a joking “distressed not amazed” manner and give directly into their wishes given that why don’t we feel real; who you are going to state “no” so you’re able to him?


Some body providing reminded from 3racha’s inspire here? Simply me personally? Okay. Somehow I could see Jisung becoming even more clingy and affectionate than he already is with an older significant other. He’d totally enjoy you being older than him and he’d look up to as a person and admire you. Whenever he had a problem, he’d always come to you to talk about it and he’d love how you always knew what to say and how to comfort him. He’d appreciate your wisdom and I could see him love having long conversations with you. Jisung is another one, like Minho, I could see feeling proud for having been able to pursue an older significant other though I feel like he’d also try to prove his maturity to you, wanting you to see him as a man and not as a young boy. He’d definitely want to impress you with his deep thinking skills and maturity.

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